Is my information protected?

    • All your personal and financial information is protected at all times. When you enter your information they’re sent over the internet via an encrypted secure socket layer (SSL). The security level is just like your online banking system utilizes. Once your account is created the information is secured behind firewalls with physical security protecting the servers. If the operator is licensed and regulated by the UKGC, additional information security measures and protocol are followed. There have been instances of unscrupulous operators selling their client email databases previously but our vetting procedure assures players that operators like that don’t appear on our pages.

Can I trust online games?

    • The results of all online slots, video poker, and other games are decided by a computer program called a random number generator (RNG). These programs are tested and certified by independent third-party auditors and undergo periodic testing and review. The results are true chances in most instances. A single hand video poker game is dealt from a virtual deck of 52 cards and so is single deck blackjack. The return to player percentage (RTP) is set in stone and quite easy to confirm. Slots and a few other games provide another element called volatility and the RTP changes from game to game and sometimes even the exact same slot from casino to casino. It could take tens of millions of iterations for an extremely volatile slots game to attain its theoretical RTP however, the testing labs confirm through simulations and real samples of the RNG that the games are fair.

Are online casinos controlled?

    • All online casinos are governed by the authority in their particular area to one degree or another. The most robust regulators would be the Gambling Commission in the UK (UKGC) and the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA). While the UKGC goes so far as to control how casinos and even bonuses could be promoted, the MGA doesn’t intrude to that level for gamers in the wider European Union. For casinos which hold just a Curacao sub-license, players will need to depend on the place’s reputation, which we report in detail following extensive research and occasionally, consultation with gamers. Caribbean casinos don’t have any viable dispute resolution services so players will need to consult forums like LCB that has over 400 casino representatives on board during the Immediate Casino Support section. The lowest type of law is a data processing permit in the Costa Rican government. In these situations, we point out that the operation isn’t controlled in any accepted sense of the term and we analyze the property’s standing in detail.

Do I want to download software or set up an app?

    • There are still a few casinos, like the legacy Microgaming websites, and nearly all Realtime Gaming possessions, that provide a download option. Many lobbies and games are now delivered in HTML5, with immediate play Flash technology being gradually phased out. All online casinos are now able to be opened in any web browser on any device. Some sportsbooks offer mobile programs, and many poker websites require a download but many more are currently available in the worldwide and future-proof HTML5 browser format.

Why do you examine so many online casinos?

    • New properties from reputable operators available weekly and sometimes daily. Each website provides its own taste from the game selection to bonuses and promotions, to banking methods and timeliness of payouts. In almost two decades of playing and reviewing online casinos, we’ve yet to find one which is the best match for everybody everywhere. There’s a strict vetting process which happens before reviews are delegated, and seasoned reviewers have unrestricted leeway in their critical analysis of each property. Details from ownership and institutions to any present pitfalls are examined together with game selection, bonus policies, banking, customer service, and reputation amongst gamers. Should they use tricky provisions, have awful video poker pay tables, or are sometimes slow to pay, we tell you.

Why do some websites offer so many matches?

    • When the business was just getting started, every online casino functioned on a particular platform and provided games from one provider, such as Microgaming, Playtech, or RTG. While it’s still possible to find those sorts of properties, most online casinos now operate on what is called an integration platform. All these “new era” delivery systems make it possible for operators to incorporate games from numerous aggregators or individual providers through an application programming interface or API. Now, players have access to dozens of different game developers at one casino. Openbet was among the first pioneers in gambling packages through their remote gaming server (RGS) but the major change occurred when Microgaming launched Quickfire in 2010.

Should I play cards or slots and table games?

    • While everyone gambles for enjoyment and excitement, your personality will most likely decide which matches you will most like to perform with. If you’re a steady analytical kind blackjack or video poker may be ideal for you. You will have the ability to learn and ideal strategies to reduce the house advantage (built-in statistical edge ) to the lowest possible point and revel in long gaming sessions on a single deposit. But not accounting for the rare Royal Flush (probability 0.000025 for 9/6 JoB) you will never discover the thrill of a jackpot when playing non-progressive card games. Slots, on the other hand, come in many different standard deviations and volatility levels, and of course the different theoretical return to player percentages. If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, slots are most likely the sport of choice for you.

Should I take a bonus?

    • There are thousands upon thousands of online casinos and all of them compete for your business. Almost each of them will provide a welcome bonus or possibly a multi-stage welcome package in addition to ongoing incentives. Each offer has to be analyzed for sport weightings, game limitations, and wagering requirements in addition to maximum conversion or cash out value. Almost none of the bonuses make sense from a mathematical standpoint. Having said that, taking a bonus will extend your play time and with a little luck, you can beat the odds. Taking a 100% game can double your chances of winning a jackpot on slots.