List of the Top 10 News Apps for Smartphones and Tablets


News apps for smartphones or tablets are a great way to stay connected. They allow you to keep up with the latest news wherever and whenever you want. Like other apps, not all news apps are created equal. While there are basic apps, there are also apps that are highly rated. Here are the top 10 most impressive news apps that you can have on your smartphone.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest is available in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. It contains the most important news from different sources, including text, images, and information that are generated by algorithms.


This app can pull any news you want. It’s designed to learn the user’s interests, pulling in regular news from various mainstream sources and adding niche-oriented news that may interest you. The selection also includes images and videos. – Breaking News

The app gives users a summary of news in 300 characters that are linked to the source. It allows users to adjust the app to their preferences, allowing them to get exactly what they want.

Paper – Stories on Facebook

The app is continually evolving and may be updated in very short time periods. The Facebook news app is currently only available in the US for iPhone users. However, it may soon become available worldwide for Android and other devices. It collects news stories from other users and focuses on the topics you are interested in rather than random posts. Its stories come from many different categories, including technology, health, and culture.

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Feedly Reader

This RSS reader is sophisticated but easy to use. It has quick sharing and allows you to add articles using “read it later” services such as Instapaper and Pocket. The Feedly reader offers one of the best search options. The system is constantly improved and updated based on user engagement.


The US media company Tribune developed Newsbeat. You can choose your favorite news sources. The stories are pulled daily from these news sources and then compiled into a news podcast that uses text-to-voice technology. For the US market, weather and traffic reports are included.

Circa News

This app is the result of a group of editors who carefully select relevant information and leave out irrelevant or “junk” facts. This app has the best feature of all: the ability to “follow” certain stories. Each time a story’s summary is updated, users will be notified. A great feature for readers is the ability to read offline. This allows you to scan for updates even if your WI-FI connection goes down.


Flipboard is one of the most popular news apps. Its recent acquisition of Zite, previously owned by CNN, made it even stronger. This feature was designed to make Flipboard a personal magazine for mobile users. Flipboard also offers a feature that allows users to view updates from their RSS feeds and social channels. This app can be used with traditional news providers, and it will then reformat articles.

iPhone users will find this article interesting

The app pulls thousands from the best-curated content sources online. You can browse your favorite topics, including news, technology, sports, design, entertainment, and politics. It can compile stories and organize them according to technology, politics, and sports. Reddit is integrated into this app, which is a great source of news updates for a growing number. It also integrates with Dribble which is a great site for designers.

Newsy Video News

This app compiles the news, then converts it into video news. This app is a great candidate for Google, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as other major internet players. This app is currently doing well and deserves its place on the internet.

It may prove useful to some but not to others. Each app has its own unique and useful features, and they are all free to download. Any of the news apps listed above can be downloaded as you like. You can always download another app if this one doesn’t suit you.

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